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Retro Sneaker Zone

Retro sneakers are shoes with an imitative style from the recent past such as from the 70’s, 80’s, or 90’s. Models such as Nike’s Classic Cortez, Air Jordan 1 and Air Max, Saucony Jazz and reebok Classic Club, not to mention Converse Chuck (low and high top) are all examples of true retro sneakers. Retro Sneakers is a perfect accessory for when wanting to dress down a suit, make an otherwise quite boring outfit cool, or just to make your life much more fun. Retro sneakers are fun – they carry loads of history, are often colourful, and has a distinct design.

Sneaker trends

Sneaker trends come and go like the changing of the tides. One minute, streamlined minimalist trainers are the height of footwear fashion. The next minute, everyone is stomping around in bulky kicks. No matter what is trendy right now, putting on a fresh or worn out pair of retro sneakers can never go wrong. Retro sneakers are timeless. A good design is lasts forever. Just as a pair of jeans – it is not about what model everyone else wears, it is about what model fits you the best. So what do you like? Build up a sneakers wardrobe of sneakers you love, from different time eras.

Inspiration, reviews and tips

At Retro Sneakers Zone we delve into the finest retro sneaker silhouettes ever created and the reasons to why they are worth having on your shoe rack. We write about both mens sneakers, womens sneakers, as well as kids and toddlers sneakers. At Retro Sneaker Zone you do not only find reviews, but also shares tips on how to take care of your sneakers, how to style your outfit with different sneakers, and interesting information about classic sneakers. We are also looking into where different retro sneakers are shown – in the latest series on Netflix or HBO, on influencers on Instagram, or just on cool people we come across.