Retro Sneakers Woman

Well hello you. This is were we gather all tips and inspiration of retro sneakers when being seen on a female. So what do you think? Let us now in comments or send us a love letter! Or at least a letter. E-mail is fine.

Where can I find sneakers with heels?

There are both sneakers with platforms and with actual heels. Do avoid running around like a crazy person, and trying to find something that you normally do not find in an average sneakers store – go online! There is a 100 % chance you will find sneakers with heels and platforms there.

Sneakers for dresses?

Yes, yes and yes. Amazing combination that can not really go wrong. If you are wearing a cuter dress then perhaps go with a more chunky or street style sneaker like Vans. If you are wearing a more simple dress, well then choose whatever you feel like! Why not a Nike Cortez?